About Us

Who We Are

AVEX S.A is a mission driven company guided by principles. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the BEST. That means consistently having the best quality products and the best service in the industry.

In the course of time, as the company’s position in the market consolidated, knowledge and experience was accumulated, Avex S.A has reached a point where is currently aknowledged as the leading supplier of chicken meat in Argentina.

At Avex S.A we believe in:
-Hard work, in order to always meet our clientele’s needs and provide them with high quality services
-Innovation, which is the core of our philosophy and the reason why our company leads the market
-The future of the meat market, which we aim to shape and not just follow

What We Do

We are pioneers in healthy and sustainable chicken and chicken by products. We specialize in providing the highest quality farm raised all natural chicken meats in the country.


The priority is to produce safe and harmless. This makes us Argentina’s number one chicken, beef and pork supplier.
Excellence is achieved by complying with legal requirements, quality standards and continuous improvement.

The success of our company is supported by three pillars:
-The quality of our products
-The profitability of our activities

The designs, developments and processes must be such as to minimize the risks of the product, people and environment.

We must strive to maintain recognition as leaders in quality within our business.

Biosecurity is essential for the prevention of avian diseases and to ensure the quality of our products from their origin.

Sustainable development is essential to our future growth as well as for the prevention of the environment around us.

Core Values

a) Customer Service Excellence – We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honouring commitments that we have made to them.
b) Teamwork – We communicate openly and work as a unified team to attain common goals.
c) Integrity – We act with honesty, professionally and integrity, not compromising the truth.
d) Best People – By attracting, employing and developing the best people in the industry, we use our technical expertise to satisfy our customers’ needs.
e) Continuous Improvement and Innovation – We continuously improve our performance, our products and our service.