AVEX S.A. - Argentina's leading chicken and chicken by product supplier.

AVEX S.A. is a slaughterhouse/cutting plant/Cold store (Plant Id 4491) that produces and market chicken meat and chicken products and export most of its production (approximately 80%). AVEX has a production capacity of about 80,000 - 100,000 chickens per day, equivalent to approximately 4% of the total number of chickens slaughtered in Argentina in 2006.

Avex S.A. is a company that creates products based on customer orders. Its manufacturing plant is located in Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, and has a network of outsourced services, including investment in infrastructure and care of chickens.

Since it's establishment in 2007, the company’s main activity has been the provision of specialized services in the fresh and frozen meat market in Argentina and the rest of the world.

Our operations have evolved with a vertical process integration at various companies performing different activities within the meat sector:animal feed production, chicken raising, agricultural estates, slaughterhouse, cutting plant, casing, fats and proteins, production of fresh chicken meats and chicken filleted meat products for constant Export.

Our company is engaged in a process of growth and internationalization. We are continuously seeking out new developing markets with a commitment to quality and service focused on building the loyalty of our clients, along with corporate social responsibility.